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Right folks,

The events calendar is now up & running :tup:

Click on the 'Calendar' button up top and choose 'Events Calendar' :tup:

You're all free to add events in there but please try and add as much detail as possible including website links if available.

The events you add won't go live straight away as I'll need to approve them to begin with. It's not that i'm going to be saying what's allowed and what's not, it's going to be so that I can make sure there's enough information on there so anyone viewing will have an idea of what's going on :tup:

They work in a very similar way to normal posting. The few extra options are for choosing a single day event, one spanning a number of days and also recurring events.

Whenever you add an event that covers multiple days please be aware that you'll need to add start and finish times as well. If you know what time the gates open then by all means use these times. If not then just use midnight or 9am or something like that.

Any questions, just give me a shout :tup:

Let me know if you want me to write up a walk through for posting events :tup:

Enjoy (and keep it clean please ;))
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