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Not wishing to repeat to much stuff from other forums but need to find out from as many people thier views so as we can possibly make better.
I know this won't effect many on here but those that did visit our show whether all weekend or Sunday only would they mind telling what they thought. I know the general feeling was good but we need to know abouteverything. Toilets, Bands, Auction, Cruise, Site, signage, Catering and lack of free beer.
I wasn't doing to much at the show this year but with one thing and another I didn't get much of a break, so we are looking for new members and or helpers. So either post on here or PM me. Can't guarentee sorting all the [problems out straight away but it could tell us where we are going right or wrong.
Thanks to the rest of the Club though for all there help and lets go for a bigger and better one next year. Cheers Scott
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