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Here are a few video's from the GoodGuy's Autocross. I found that I am going to have to upgrade the tires by next week, because the other cars were running a softer compound than I was, and the front tires would not grip to well at that rate of speed/braking. There is also a need to work out some sort of rear sway bar, but I will get to that at a later date, because the car still did pretty good with my inexperience. I still had the car setup on a daily driver alignment and spring rate setting, and the other cars there were more track dedicated, but my inexperience times were above the average and not far off No Pro times considering everything. The normal and hard driving of the car is great, but with these types of runs I am not sure I am willing to sacrifice daily comfort for a couple of seconds.

I ran the car in 1st gear the whole time (With the Exception of one 2nd gear shift at the final straight before the checkered flags, because the car hits over 60mph in 1st gear and that was about the limits of this course. I have no autocross experience, so I found myself trying to convince myself that I needed to actually brake prior to the turn rather than just try to drift through it, but I did have a couple of fun tire smoking drifting laps with the car for a good show yesterday, and I hope that someone else captured for YouTube because I didn't have anyone there to video at that time.

Here is the GoPro exterior view, and you can really hear the Cowl Vent Intake suck during harder acceleration due to the camera being mounted just above the windshield, but you really don't hear that sound inside the car.

Here are a few exterior views, and from these video's you can really hear the sound and power of the car, and I can promise you that it isn't that loud during normal driving at all. LOL

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