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Yeah yeah, me again, posting in all the wrong places... Two things; firstly does anyone know the 'going rate' for a 24 stud flatty? I'm finding prices of up to a grand for complete non runners - is that about right? 21 stud motors seem cheaper but less parts backup... Any advice, or any engine offers greatly appreciated!

Dvla and such; someone just told me there are some new regs on engine changes / bulkhead mods etc... - is this in addition to the whole 'points system' fiasco? (which is all over the place).

I was under the impression that if I keep the original chassis and enough of the original mechanicals I'd be ok - and when I say keep I mean more or less.... 'as long as it looks more or less like original spec'... Am I going down the right road here?!

Thanks in advance !
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