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Been told I must have a price stated for this, but I have no idea what it is worth so lets say £200 if its worth more then I have under sold it if its worth less let me know.. Hows that? I dont know how to edit the title so done it here.

Hi I have taken this engine and trans out of my 1960 F100. This is not the original engine by the look of the mounts. I am not 100% sure what year it is but lead to believe its a 50's motor. It ran great what little I used it, I drove up from Keele to Cumbria didn't miss a beat, and round local for a couple of months with only problem being oil leaks from rear crankcase seal I guess and the side pushrod cover. Apart from that it ran sweet.
I am putting a V8 in now. I have no idea what it is worth but need to sell to get some funds for my build and I need the space. I am not giving it away just want what its worth. It has a good Dynamo with it and clutch M/C and slave, voltage reg etc.
You would need to pick up from LA12 area.

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I forgot to say it comes with gearbox/prop yoke.
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