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Ford 351w small block 1995 block
5.8Litre V8
Short block complete with :-

Eagle SIR5956FB I-Beam Conrods
Keith Black Hypereutectic 0.060" overbore pistons with low friction rings
Summit External Harmonic damper
Crane or Comp cams camshaft (i cant remember which)
All pistons, rings, conrods weighed and matched to suit each other, dynamically balanced by EDA in Castleford.
Reground Ford crankshaft
Named oil pump, rear oil strainer / pickup
Ford Racing rear sump
Named cam chain and gears
Standard 351 push rods
Motorcraft water pump
All bearings and shells in engine

No heads or rockers
No flywheel
No clutch

The block is believed to have a crack resulting in pressure building up in the coolant circuit, so olnly selling for spares / repair. All internal parts are sold as very good with less than 200 miles on them all (except for original crank).
Engine stll assembled, will split, but would prefer engine to go assembled.
Picture taken before engine was rebuilt.


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