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Hi everyone

just signed up, and looking forward to being part of this site.

now for my problems:
Have a ford f100 pick up truck with jag xj6 front suspension that is lowered, it drives like a rally car (rock hard).
tried jag springs from 6 cylinder but still solid.
any idea's on a replacement spring that fits the jag set up. was thinking possibly transit but not sure of diameter etc.
front of my truck is lighter than normal as just running sbc and a washer bottle under the bonnet. (totally stripped out engine bay)
and no bumpers.
helllllllllllp me pleeeeeeeease.

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Pics would be very handy mate. How much travel does it have before it hits the bumpstops?
One option is to take the shocks out and take it round the block, sounds odd I know but it eliminates one thing. Van Steel told me to do that with my Vette during setup.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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