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Ford/Hillman/Peugeot/etc. fit 7x15" Alloys & tyres, retro style £150 ono Notts.

OK, these wheels have been "definitely sold" so many times I'm fed up with seeing them.

They are I believe RG Designs Style 21 from a period 1988 - 1993 time. If you know better, tell me.

They are all in good condition, no kerbing or cracking. The centre caps are plain. One has some corrosion around where the allen bolt goes in. The tyres are all good legal 205/50x15 with directional tread in a budget brand.

they are 4x108mm 4x4.25" and ET35. They presumably will go on most Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Hillman, Talbot and even some Studebakers.

Currently at Castle Donnington in my ex-mother-in-law's garage so come and get em QUICK - LOL.

£150 - cash offers welcome

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