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Pretty much everything you need to convert earlier four stud Mustang to five stud

All parts from a SN95 mustang, so track is slightly wider when fitted to Fox body

All info online, common upgrade in the USA

Assume all parts need renovation or rebuild, in an ideal world you'd fit new discs but these aren't that bad and at worst could be skimmed

Sorry, job lot ...... won't split


Pair 8.8" 28 spline 5 stud axle shafts, good bearing races with expected minor running witness only

Pair rear 5 stud disc & calipers, with all mounting hardware

Pair front 5 stud hubs & discs ..... no calipers but some if not all Fox calipers apparently fit

All tinwork a little bent, but could be straightened out with patience, or simply discarded

£499 or sensible offers only

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