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I bought these for my 5.0 Fox but sold it before I fitted them.

First is a TFI relocation kit with a TFI module. It comes with everything needed to relocate your TFI to the inner fender - 302 and 351s with a TFI
Here's the webpage if you want to download detailed instructions
mccully racing tfi kit
If you are worried about the heat soak to your TFI then this is the kit you need. Great for turbo and supercharged engines.
The price on the McCully site is without a TFI and I'm going to include one in the kit.

£45 picked up from Bridgend, South Wales +postage if shipped

Secondly, a 25mm EGR delete spacer. I used one with my Victor 5.0 intake as my EGR wasn't working anyway. If you want to delete your EGR then this is the way to go - 90mm bore.
£10 picked up from Bridgend, South Wales +postage if shipped.

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