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an original and used Thames 5 cwt and 7 cwt Vans (1954 onwards) Schedule of Maximum Repair Charges. Published by the Ford Motor Company. 16 pages plus covers.

Inside is near perfect, no marks or grubby finger prints or writing. Cover is grubby as you can see.
Basically, this lists the repairs that can be carried out on your Fordson Van and tells you how much they will cost.
eg. Lubricate and adjust front wheel bearings (each wheel) 6 0 (6/- , 6 shillings or 30p in new money!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Replace rear axle assembly £2.4.0 (£2 and 4 shillings........£2.20 now.....0
Replace all valve guides £4.14.6 (£4, 14 shillings and 6d....or £4 72 1/2p)

Hours of fun to be had boring your mates with "Hey how much do you reckon it cost to............" and "Bloodyhell, that's today's money"

And, if you have a or are Fordson Van, you need this. Your Fordson will NEVER be the fastest in the world without it!!!!! :incheek:

£5 posted......just looked on Fleabay and they are asking upwards of 15 notes for these....

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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