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Is this something the moderators have any control over? If it is I would like to request that some amendments are made. If it isn't then this is a bit pointless.

I was logged out today so went to log back in again but realised I'd forgotten my password. Going through the process of getting a new password I encountered one of those human verification things that makes sure I'm not really an evil robot lesbian marmot computer from the planet Ofcourseimafuckinghuman. All websites have them, so I wasn't particularly bothered, however I did object to what was requested of me.

It was not a simple case of 'type the letters in front of you'. Instead I was tasked with giving a word associated with 'Snapple'. What the fuck is Snapple? I racked by brains for a number of minutes until thinking that it might have something to do with 'apples', which it doesn't (or rather it does, but the connection is a very tenuous one). Racking my brains a bit more I then decided to ask my sister, who recommended that I ask Wikipedia.

It turns out that Snapple is a manufacturer of tea and juice drinks from Texas. Is there any chance that you could save people all this unnecessary hassle by giving them words that might be familiar to the average forum member, i.e. an English person?

Thank you.
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