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Discussion Starter · #1 ·'s the same all over the world. Behave or no more show is what's happened in Japan....

'We finally received an “approval with conditions” (details below) from the convention hall side (Pacifico Yokohama) for the date of December 7, 2014 (Sunday). Now we can officially announce the date along with the conditions we need to meet. The conditions we have to meet for holding the event seem more like high school regulations. However, the convention hall has been dealing with complaints from around the area for a long time and we were told it has reached its limit. The question now is how much longer it can go on and this year they gave us the ultimatum, “If there are complaints this year, next year will not be possible” which is our final warning.

We have made every effort to make things happen but the final result is that “motorcycles will not be allowed to drive to the convention hall on that day and there will not be any parking available for bikes”. We checked with other parking lots nearby and none of them are available.
Perhaps we planted this seed and over time the results is “If this year’s show is too loud, it’s over” but it still feels like returning to high school.
It’s now up to us, as the organizer of this event, whether we are able to continue next year or not. The decision also hangs on the spectators that will attend the show.
The continuation (after this year) of our show is on the line and we are all standing on this edge together.
MOONEYES can only to so much to make it happen but in reality it will come down to how conscious participants and spectators are about the situation and about the future of the show. We ask that everyone spread the word and hope we can all make it happen together.
Thank you for all your support.

Consider the general public for a moment that don’t know about this custom culture and lifestyle we live in. To them, modifying or customizing cars and bikes is illegal. Therefore it’s related to outlaw behavior. They most likely don’t want the show/event to take place. For us, these shows and events are mandatory. This is part of our culture and lifestyle. If there is something fun (for one group), there will always be outside pressure (from another group) to shut it down. We must look for the right way to continue our fun and what we believe in.

Shige Suganuma

This is not an isolated incident in Japan. It happens all over the world.
Let’s do our part to handle the situation.

#mooneyes #hcs2014 #becalmnotloud'
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