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Hi folks
Ian & Anne here
We just got a 27T on the road - but if you hit a rough bit of road of a pothole
the front wheels develop an oscilation (scary) and it wont stop until you slow right down or possibly accelerate through it.

Anybody got any ideas?

It is a shortened sherpa front axle with a steering box and drag link
(it's just had new track rod ends - made no difference)
Box chassis/rover 3.5/capri 3.0 rear axle

Hoping someone has come across something similar

Ian & Anne

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Hi Ian & Anne

It might help if we had a little more info like what spring or springs your using and have you got a damper

I would also get you caster checked and while you have a bit of time have a look here it might help

I know the author :tup:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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