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Seems im being asked to remove my website link and become a trader on this forum.

Seen as the fact that I am a small working part of the HRG, as in their photographer, an help out all I can for the nscc/hrg I always thought promoting our hobby and seen as no one is posting in this section, our section to keep our members uptodate with whats happening as some are now living overseas it nice to let them know what we are upto.

I do own, write for, and do the photography for it.
If by putting a link on here is promoting my website as it is a free info website that don't charge then so be it.

Where charging me to become a trader with a free info website is just another way to squeeze some cash out of someone that had to get a sponsor to keep the website live because I couldn't afford to pay it.

Ya may as well ban me then, because you will never get any form cash out of me.

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