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Hope you don't mind us posting this but in addition to the CHP Ashes taking place this coming Sunday November 1st between teams from the Outlaw Flat Fours and the Pro Street Drag Series, Shakespeare County Raceway will also be hosting within the Warwickshire strips Public Track Day, a Halloween Havoc Quick 32 ET Bracket Gamblers Race, also on November 1st.

This special one of a kind end-of-season ET Bracket will be open to all valid Street Legal road and Doorslammer race cars. Depending on entry, it is intended to run a maximum 32 car field or a minimum 16 car ladder with predicted dial-ins, and a cash prize and trophies for the winner and runner up. Helmets will be mandatory to enter the competition, and all cars will be scrutineered for safety.

In addition to the General admission to the raceway of £12 (or £22 for the weekend), RWYB Track Fee of £20 (or £35 for the weekend) an extra £10 will buy you a place in the Bracket programme which will then be placed into the prize purse dependant on the number of signed on entries being part of the gamble!

Track will open on Sunday from 10.00 am (subject to track and weather conditions permitting) with qualifying time trials and eliminations Sunday afternoon. But remember, arrive early with your vehicle and an extra £10, helmet and, of course your drivers licence. Full details can be found on the SCR track web site's news page.

Also, the track will be open on Saturday October 31st for general Run What Ya Brung as well as the first ever Diesel Drags Day supported by members of the TDI Sport Enthusiasts Club Track opens from 10.00 am till 5.00 pm. Its also club day too. There will also be the usual Saturday evening Halloween Ball, Trailer Decorating Contest, Trailer to Trailer Trick or Treat, Costume Contest for adults & kids as well as fireworks and bonfire. Full details and admission prices from the Events page of the SCR track site. See you at the strip. SCR wishes everyone a Happy Halloween.

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for those of you interested, here is the score!

Welcome to Shakespeare County Raceway’s
Halloween Havoc Quick 32 ET Bracket
Gamblers Race
Sunday 1st November 2009
This special one of a kind ET Bracket is open to all Street Legal cars and race car Doorslammers only. It is intended
to run a maximum of 32 cars, or a minimum of 16 cars (which ever prevails at Signing On) in an ET Bracket Racing
event with predicted dial-ins where the winner and runner up takes home a cash prize and a trophy for his/her
efforts. But what is ET Bracket Racing!!!!
ET Bracket Racing is a handicap race which gives the slower vehicle a head start. The difference between vehicle A
starting first before vehicle B is determined by the difference of dial-in times by which each driver writes his ET on
the rear of the vehicle.
For example driver A may dial-in a time of 12.50 seconds and driver B a time of 13.30 seconds. A quick calculation
reveals that driver B gains .8 of a second advantage at the start from the activation of the green light in his lane
only. Driver A on the activation of the green light in his lane has to catch driver B to win the race thus making for
close competitive racing at the finish line. This is why it is important to get a good start.
However, neither driver may run quicker than the time with which they dialled in because to do so would mean
instant disqualification during eliminations (known as a 'Breakout') giving the other driver the automatic win to the
next round. If both drivers run quicker than their dialled in times then the winner is determined by the driver who
broke out in the least amount of their dialled in time.
Another form of disqualification is a foul start (or Red-Light). This happens when the driver reacts to the 'Christmas
Tree' too quickly and drives away from the starting line before the green light. Should dual infractions occur, say a
red-light and then a break-out, the red light would be classified as the worst infraction. Its as simple as that.
Event Format: There will be two/three rounds of qualifying for those drivers taking part in the Gamblers race
followed by either 4 or 5 rounds of eliminations dependant on the field size. Those drivers who don’t make the field,
sorry but that’s part of the Gamble.
Helmets are mandatory to take part in the Gamblers Race
Time Table: By 10.00am all drivers will be required to have been scrutineered and signed on. 10.00am to 12.00
noon - two/three shot qualifying rounds. In the event of a 32 Car Ladder being run the programme will run as: 12.30
pm Round 1, 1.00 pm Round 2, 2.00 pm Quarter Finals, 3.00 pm Semi Finals, 4.00 pm Final. All timings are
subject to change due to track and weather conditions permitting.
In the event of a 16 car ladder being run then the first round will begin at 1.00 pm and so on. Bracket Race stickers
will be put on all race vehicles and all cars will be called to the lanes. Please listen to PA announcements or on 107.9
on your FM car radio. All timings are subject to change due to track and weather conditions permitting.
How Much To Race. In addition to the General Admission to the Raceway of £12 (or £22 for the weekend), RWYB
Track Fee of £20 (or £35 for the weekend) £10 buys you a place and a race number in the Bracket. This will go into
the prize purse for the winner and runner up. Both will also receive a trophy for their efforts. Good luck and enjoy
your day.
Prize Purse: 32 Car Field - Winner £200, R/U £100 plus trophies. 16 Car Field - Winner £100, R/U £50 plus trophies
The Management of Shakespeare County Raceway reserves the right to make changes to the rules and procedures
outlined above. Any changes will be published on the notice board or given out over the PA system.
NO racing engines may be started before 10.00am.
All P.A. announcements are broadcast on FM 107.9
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