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I made a GRP hardtop once upon a long time ago.

1/2in light steel tube perimeter frame with hinge plates and fixing tabs with slightly bowed cross tubes, to allow for water shedding on the rare occassions it rains. I used rivnuts in the front board and frame plate for the hinges and tabs with holes for either side just inside the tailgate. Again I used bolts through into rivnuts in the side of the bed...... But fix how you like when you make the frame, you could have side hinges and some bear claws latches for the other side and a bonnet pull type release by the tailgate for example.

Missus sewed me a light weight canvas to go over the frame, the cross seams lined up with the cross bows and the seam around the perimeter frame was a 3/4 inch oversize of the frame.
Hold in place over frame with lots of clamps, I used lots of cheap bulldog clips.
Flip upside down and hang from ceiling by the hinge plates and fixing tabs, then a light coat of resin on the inside, all over and allow to dry.
Remove clamps and lay up some mat over the frame, again on the inside, don't go heavy with the resin, to avoid drips and runs on the top side.
As my cheap market canvas was orange I painted it black
Glued a foam strip on the frame to stop any chaffing on the top edges of the bed and made a nice seal, and was hidden by 3/4 oversize fabric
Hey presto.....(does anyone still say that?)....I had a light weight waterproof solid top with a fabric look.
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