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I've had this for about 4 years and it's served me well at all the rodding events.

Only selling as I've managed to get one a bit narrower which will fit through my side gate and into the shed.

External is about 6ft 4in wide

Internal is about 16ft x 6ft when opened up.

It just winds up and the canvas topped double bed units pull out the side.

Basic inside but good enough for a couple of guys to share one at either end (or whatever suits you, it's none of my business)

Ideal for about 10 if it's raining and you've put the kettle on.

Needs a little bit of repair in a bottom corner of the canvas, but a plastic bag pushed in the gap works fine.

99% leakproof when up. 100% leakproof when closed dow, it has to be as it lives outside.

Will be at Spring Break with it but came easily come home to get the other one if it sells there.

Will take some photos of it up if I find time before SB.


Cheers, Bob 01603 408021

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