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Hey All,

Had the embarrassment of my engine cutting out at traffic lights yesterday, but luckily at the top of the hill where I live, so I managed to freewheel into my drive.

It's a 76 5.2 318 auto in my F100 with an Edelbrock single carb. I noticed it was spluttering at low revs and gradually getting worse each time I stopped until finally at the lights when it cut out completely. It then turned over for perhaps 15 seconds before firing and then stopping immediately. At cruising speed all seemed to be OK up to this point.

Once in my drive, I gave it half choke and it started and ran although very smokily.

Each morning it takes 20 to 30 seconds of cranking before firing up if that's of any relevance.

Does all this point to a dodgy fuel pump ?

The points, distributor cap and plug leads are all quite new and look to be in good order.

Thanks, Ady

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knowing nothing about american engines and carbs (except a bit about my hardley)
but until someone who knows better comes along heres a couple of my useless ideas
if it runs ok above tickover probably not the pump
if the fault has been getting gradually worse it sounds to me as if you have picked up crap in the slow speed running cicuit of the carb
or another posibility could be an air leak

a possible fix for crap in the carb is fire it up get the revs fairly high then blank off the carb so full engine vacuum pulls on the jets and hopefully pulls any crap through

a way of checking for air leaks is to squirt wd40 (or any generic) around the carb base/manifold as if there is a leak it will be sucked in and improve running or you can try lighter gas
hopefully a "guru" will be along soon and give concise help
ttfn glenn
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