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Burn out champ 2010
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I got into NSCC by accident last year...Shaun pointed out that I had, or was about to, attend enough events to qualify. I signed up and finished 22nd.

I'm a 53 year old, long time hot rodder with only a mild interest in drag racing; specifically Hot Rod Drags and later the Nostalgia Nats.

I love the Comp Altereds because they are essentially hot rods but the bigger class cars hold little interest in themselves but are great to see and hear run.

My car is a 1930 Ford Model A coupe. The motor is a 355ci SBC with World Products heads and a lumpy cam of unknown provenance. Intake is open plenum and carb is 600cfm v/s although I have a 650 d/p to try. The 650 is the carb which was on the engine when I pulled it from Deb's (my wife) Pro ET Camaro.

Trans is a TH350 with a B&M Torker converter. Rear axle is Winters quick change.

I ran a NPB on 02/05/2010 of 12.22 @ 111.66

Here's the car:

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