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just found alittle more info on the T from an earlier Ed Wimble post thanks folks great site here for sure :tup:

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I know you'll know this car and will have the CC mag it was featured in, so; who built it, what is the year and post a pic of the front cover please? I've searched through mine and can't find it, I know I've got it somewhere cos I wanted to buy it way back when it was up for sale.

Or anyone else, but I bet Mopar beats you to it?
Micky T.
F & H, to answer to your questions.....

I built this T bucket in 1977/78 for Barry Evans in my shop in Hermitage Lane, Norbury. It obviously looks a bit like the Outlaw as its built in my style and uses all my manufactured parts, although it's similar, it's also different to the Outlaw in many ways.......

Outlaw has a 96" wheelbase, this is 6" shorter at 90", Outlaw used a 3" sectioned '23 roadster body with a stock height back, this has a 3" sectioned body with 3" raised back and is also shortened 3". Outlaw has torsion bar front suspension with 6" drop x 50" tube axle, this has transverse leaf suspension with 4" x 48" drop axle - front wheels here are the originals from the Outlaw. This car has Rover V8 with weedburners, Outlaw uses 215" Olds F85 with 4 into 1 collectors. Outlaw used Corvair steering box, this has VW bus.

This was originally setup with a Jag S type rear end but was changed to Jag Mk 10 - Outlaw used Mk 10. The rear crossmember is same style as Outlaw with same 8" kickup. Original rear wheels on Outlaw were 13" x 15" dia Ansen Sprints, this uses the same size Ansen's at the rear and we also originally used 15" x 4.5" Ansen Sprints on the front which were later swapped for the 16" x WM2 wires from the Outlaw. Also, Oulaw has the early 1908/'16 style brass radiator, this uses the later 1917/'25 style rad' surround.

Most everything else is the same or similar to Outlaw....4 bar front radius rods & hairpin rears, high mounted tie rod & side drag link. Girling brake master cylinders with balance bar, 1915 winshield frame but this folds forward - Outlaw folds back.

Barry sold the car to Dave Mellings who put it on the street, then various owners until Russell Grieve redit it to what you see here.

Hope this helps. Ed Wimble.

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