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Hi all, Wolly here form Radcliffe north manchester, i have been looking over this forum for a while and decided to join up, mainly to get to know a few folk of like minded things, and to see more detail on whats doable, well anything is possible to me :) like to try anyhting different.
I am in the process messing with a old kit car, just rebuilding it and removing the pinto it has to replace with a Ford 2.9i V6, big heavy things but i love um, actually aslo want to widen the track a few inchs and looking for an axle to go under instead of the MK1 escort job that it has. if its of any interst to anyoen on here i will put some pics sup later of where i got to with it for the MOT, untill i went back wards with the engine lark.

anyway, hi all.:tup:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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