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IFS or strut


Things have taken a funny turn recently, and as you may have seen I've had to sell most of my parts for the build.

So, when (and I use the term loosele) I get around to parts collecting again, shall I go for a mustang II front end or shall I get a pair of strange struts?

I appreciate that the IFS is dearer but easier to fit so will require less cost when it comes to the build (I'm not building this one) or do I go for the struts, a bit too racey for the road? They are cheaper but require a lot more chassis work so the cost saving is kost oin the labour charga and there is also more chassis work required.

Anyone have any preferences, comments, opinions, etc etc



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We (me n (chrismk4) bigbro) recently changed from strut to wishbones so he could run airbags

Couldnt find a set of springs that wouldnt compress the coils for the strut (675lb and rising) on he's mk4 after trying lots decided to change for the afore mentioned, but he has said the ride is so much better and not so harsh, less of a race car feel and more speed bump happy

He was 50 on the 19th Aug so thats proberly the excuse :pmsl:
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