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Just some advance warning that Rods 'n' Sods will not be available from 10pm tomorrow (Thursday) night.

The site will be offline while it is transferred over to the new server to avoid any lost posts or uploads. This will result in an outage lasting approximately 2hrs.

Please be warned. During this down time you may find people roaming around your house that you do not recognise.
This is not .. I repeat NOT part of the migration process but it is a known and listed side effect of Rods 'n' Sods.

These people are actually your family and although they may appear startled at seeing you in the house things should settle down fairly rapidly during the offline period.

It is ok, and probably reassuring, if you mention to them that this encroachment on their space is only likely to last for 2 hours. At that point they are likely to apologise for reporting an intruder to the police.

Interaction with them is not recommended due to upsetting the regime that they have learnt to cope with following your disappearance 9 months ago (likely to include unnervingly fake reality programs and talking to their dog as if it were the other part of their relationship. It's a part of the grieving process so don't worry).

If you happen to venture into your garage and find the metal cold and unwelcoming then rest assured, it's nothing personal against you it's the fact that the temperature generally drops in the evening :tup:

I'll be putting an info page on the site so keep checking back for updates as often as you like :tup:

Rest assured ... we will be back ... touch wood it should actually be better as well :D
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