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Discussion Starter · #1 · never ends does it...just got the new gnashers fitted last tuesday,after having to get all my teeth removed from the after effects of radio therapy...well chuffed with my new look :D... later that night into the loo before bed...just happened to look down...pissin blood!!!
went round the docs in the morning...given some antibiotics...and a hospital appointment...
went to the local uroligy dept this tests from last week were back...i hadnt had an infection,but there are still signs of blood in the doc says strip from the waist down,and put these gowns on...oh and just hang your dignity up behind the
so the doc and three nurses gather round and tell me to lift up the nurse brings over an IV style drip and docs gets out video camera... and sticks these two tubes up me doodah...ooyah!!!
not as sore as it sound...but my fek...uncomfortable to the extreme...coz you cant tell if your peein yourself at the time,with this drip attached happy...bladder normal,prostate,slightly enlarged with 58...but no masses or lumps waiting to go for scans now for liver and find out where blood is coming from...
a lot of blood coming away tonight,but i have been poked about with...and that first pee after the procedure,is ooyah... you feel as if your gonna pee a golf ball...:eek:
i'll let you know more when i get the scans...
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