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For some time, many of us have wondered who is "Jack Shit" ?
We find ourselves at a loss when someone says ,
"You don't know Jack Shit"
Well thanks 2 my research you can now respond in an intellectual way.
"Jack Shit" is theonly son of "Awe Shit" who married "O Shit" the owners of
"Knee Deep in Shit" Inc. In in turn "Jack Shit" married "No Shit".
The couple had six children "Holy Shit","Giva Shit","Fulla Shit","Bull Shit" & the twins "Deep Shit" & "Dip Shit"
"Deep Shit" married "Dumb Shit", a high school drop out. After 15 years, "Jack & No Shit" got divorced & she married "Ted Sherlock" and became " No Shit Sherlock". Meanwhile "Dip Shit" married "Shit Happens", "Bull Shit" travelled the world and returned home with an Italian bride, "Pisa Shit".
So tell me now tht you don't know "Jack Shit"?
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