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yee haa

back in uk that weekend :D

will be the first outing this year for the Impala :) (and me - been lately jumping round the Italian shows :tup:)
hope to catch up with lot of guys from here !!


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show report .
attended only the sunday show but from the look of the camp site it was a well attended weekend , was told they had 200 for the sat night ,

sunday was wet wet wet
and a lot of the sunday only cars did not show up no traders turned up
which was disappointing
we arrived just after 11 and the rain had stopped parked up and quickly put up the gazebo which we did not need till around 2pm
it rained heavy for 20mins then went off show was wound up around 4pm
all in all a good turn out on such a wet weekend .
have put up some pics

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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