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Milner for PM!
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This won't be everyone's cup of tea and it's not half dear to get in, but it's worth bearing it in mind now that the Supernats and a lot of other things are off.

I've been before and only really find it half-interesting (there are too many modern supercars for my liking) but, unlike most European concours, it does give space to American classics and customs and this year there's a dedicated class for VHRA rods.

The full list of classes is as follows:
- The Pursuit of Speed
- Convertibles: The Golden Era
- Great Marques: Aston Martin
- The Era of the Hypercar
- Lost Marques
- Great Marques: Lamborghini/Bugatti
- The Speed of Sand: The 100mph Club (VHRA cars)
- Lancia Legends
- The Dinos

Tickets are £25 for morning or afternoon only or £40 for a full day. If you have any change left over you can book a champagne lunch for £264 per person...

More information:
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