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I love these but I don't have a use for them, I don't have a clue what they are off - it must be mid 50's the case is aluminium so they are not very heavy at all - but they are absolutely ginormous !!

EDIT - They are runway landing lights WWII era !!

Lovely fluted ? glass, would look great on the right car - I can arrange delivery by carrier.

Looking for £100 OBO ???

Bought myself a lovely set of glass rear lenses with glass blue dots - just arrived from USA - Like a bloody muppett I just presumed that my A had the correct lights on it ...................................................It does not & they don't fit my 1933-36 Ford lights gggrrrrrrrrrrrr

Be happy to sell em £35 including delivery by courier - next day.

Paypal gift to [email protected]
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