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I'm selling all my cars for a change of face ( want a mustang )
or will px swap for an old skool ford ,try me, seriously escort, capri 4 door 2 door project I'm open minded as I'm selling my mk1 escort soon

listing this one 1st as ive already got a couple pics, will take more when the rain stops

Its a '93 mecury ( Ford ) cougar 3.8 V6 auto in dark met blue,
has air con ( works great ) , cruise control , half leather seats power steering of course, huuuuuuge boot , its RWD with an IRS and handles well ( no seriously lol ) brakes are amazing and it is a joy to drive( This is my daily driver ! ) gets around 20 mpg with the local driving I do, should do more on a run leccy windows don't work and I havent bothered to look at them as the aircon works so well

Bodywork is pretty good for a 16 yr old car with no rust that I can see and is solid underneath as I looked while it was being MOT'd ( which it passed with ease ) There are some blemishes in the paint and scuffs on the bumpers and some slight dents ahead of the rear wheel arches, but overall it looks great and gets lots of looks usually accompanied by head scratching as they look at the grill to figure out wtf is that lol
give me a text anytime and ill get back to you, cheers Chris 07872124286

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