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If it was myself, I'd ponder the following.
1 is there a guaranteed market/income from it?
2 would you be encroaching on someone elses patch doing it? (Visiting workplaces etc etc)
3 have you got the outlay to pay for pitches at events? They are expensive!
4 how much is the food & hygeine courses and relevant public liability insurance and so on.
5 who could supply you with quality food products?
6 what food would you supply that is different from anyone elses and would it be cost effective to produce?
7 are you prepared to work 18 hours or more a day to make it work, including weekends, bank holidays, evenings and so on?
8 are you employing staff, if so, are they prepared to do the above and can you afford to pay them even if they sell nothing at all?
9 would you be using personal cash or a business loan? Could you afford to repay/replace both?
10 have you got the aptitude and attitude to see it all through?

Good luck in whatever you choose :tup:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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