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Me and the missus thought about doing this a few years back, but in then end couldn't see how it would work for us around here. You got the outlay to get the van, Insurance, Food hygiene paper work and the rest. Then where do you pitch ? Weekends.... Boot fairs and the likes are good sites, but they are all taken up with their own regular food stalls. During the week? If there is a good size lay-by where vans and lorry's can stop there's a fair chance a food van is already there. If its empty..its in the wrong place.
Many do make a living out of it or so it seems, if its for you go for it. We didn't and glad we didn't. but it could be right up your street,

Right goods , Right price, Right location. Simple as that !

We also thought of it, but came to the same conclusion as yourself.

Happy we didnt, but if you feel the need go for it
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