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I have bought these a year ago from US but they have not been used. Where I bought them and Specs below as well as picture.

I want £100 for them including delivery

Address: Here

Installation Requires
Trimming, Welding/Soldering & Mechanical Aptitude To Install
The problem when trying to install rotary-claw latches in the Model A
door is that the rear vertical glass run channel is right up
against the inner door skin in the jam where the recessed rotary-claw
latch would need to install. This kit includes all the pieces necessary
including the latches and will operate the new rotary-claw latches by
the stock outside and stock inside door handles.
Kit Components:
Spring loaded handle regulators, preformed regulator mounting bracket, (Baby)
rotary-claw latches, striker bolts, pre-bent hard lines with cables, linkage rods,
rod retainer clips, weld-on tabs for stock inside release linkage rods, crimp cable
anchors, return springs, hardware and instructions included.
Kit Conception / Function:
The spring loaded regulator will install close to the outer door skin and accepts the outer door handle
square shaft. The regulator mounting bracket attaches to the door by the outer vertical door lip in the
window opening slot, where the anti-rattle (cat whisker) strip installs. To attach this bracket to the
vertical lip you must either drill the inner door skin to gain access through it to secure the bracket
with screws or weld the bracket in position, neither will be easy. The latch installs in the door at the position of
the original dovetail box, which needs to be removed. The pre-bent hard line with cable installs from the regulator
down and runs down below the glass channel then turns back up to point the cable to the latch where it attaches.
This hard line comes pre-welded/soldered to the edge of the handle regulator to hold it in position. An anchor is
also provided to secure the hard line to the door at the bottom U-turn. A weld-on tab is included that welds to the
factory inside release rod. From this tab the linkage rod connects and extends down to the latch release arm.

Model A Rotary-Claw Latch Conversion Kit (Set - 2 Doors)........................................ WF 2831

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