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Hi looking for a new set of standard big ends let me know what you have need them desperately so I can build the engine for the weekend or early next week. Thanks guys
Got a set of Federal Mogul 2320CP Std, should sell at £64.00 plus VAT, you can have them for £40.00 all in plus whatever the postage will be at cost. You need to phone me on 01270 811427 if you want me to post today, Friday. If you can't get through first go try again, we are loading for a Shire horse show and the phone is a bit iffy in the yard !
Sorry, don't take cards anymore but you can put a cheque in the post.

Regards, Mike

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Forgot to mention we have a load of other 383/440 stuff, 2 x 4bbl intake/carbs, cranks, blocks heads etc etc.

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