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My cars r my family
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Sore topic for me on another left ther, lol

Re MOT's ... I never understood why the government made classic car MOT free with the reasoning people look after those cars !!!!!! ... With money grabbing politicians I noever understood that one or the free vehicle tax (not complaining about that one)

I've had a couple of cars MOT free but always chose to MOT them for the simple reasoning that as good as I maintain my cars, I can always miss something and at least it is pointed out. If a car is safe then it will pass anyway. Then there are the few who take advantage to drive their cars regardless of condition.. But that is just my personal opinion.

But here is the crunch ... your car should be up to MOT standar all the time anyway and God help you in an accident if it is not .... how much would that cost.

My garage here does MOT's for £38 (Arrow Brook Motors) .... who says you have to fix everything...just do the safety stuff MOT then but knowing the car is safe to drive

It a personal choice and risk though at the end of the day ... MOT for me everytime for peace of mind as I know my cars are up to scratch

I'm glad the tax is freee though as it is only tax and my cars do tend to have big engines ....what a saving..happy days
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