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Another selection of my random stuff for builders.
All can be couriered
collected from Norwich, Norfolk
I can take to the Nats (paid for 1st please if I don't know you).

I can do cash, cheque or Paypal.

Cheers, Bob 01603 408021

Wiper linkages.
Long arm pivot centres168mm, short arm 175mm
£10 each. I have 5 (NOW ONLY 4)

Small wiper motors £5 each 2 more available

tools pic 3 vice £10

tools pic 4 dial gauge on mount with wooden box £10

tools pic 5 nut crushers £3 I have 2
round puller thing £3

tools pic 6 puller £3 I have 3
round puller £3 I have 2
c clamp thing £1 I have 10

tools pic 7 puller £5 I have 2

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Hi Bob
I'll take one of each wiper motors please!
1X £5

I take it both Lucas ones have the parking switch attached.

Pm me your details for a Paypal payment please

I would need them sending to me so please include some shipping cost.
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