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This is an American Nash Metropolitan, we bought this in Oklahoma in November 2012, we had it shipped it back to the UK. We have too many projects so it needs to find a new home.

Once back here the bodyshell was stripped back to bare metal and the following work took place:-
It needed a little bit of repair work on the front floor pans, these were cut out and replaced. It then had a few subtle custom modifications. All of the body seams were removed and welded up all the body joints, removed the fuel filler neck from the back panel, removed the hideous boot handle and basically smoothed everything out to go with the 50's custom look. The bodywork was then fully prepped and treated to a high quality custom paint job in straight black and fireball red metal flake on the roof and wheels. The de seaming really shows now that the car is black but the pictures just don't do this justice.

The inside was done in black stonechip coating, all the door shuts were sprayed in black to match the body colour and as you can see by the pictures all the bits that needed to be sprayed, ie. dash, cappings, etc were treated to the same quality as the outside. This is where the work stopped, although this week we have had a new laminated windscreen fitted with a new rubber.

The interior was gutted out completely as you can see, the seats have all been repadded and trimmed in 50's style tuck and roll. There is also enough red carpet to do all of the inside for a great contrast. Included in the sale is just about everything that you need to finish the car, including the rear screen which isn't pictured (all of the glass is good and as we mentioned it has just had a brand new laminated front screen). There are boxes of bits that come with it, including wheel trims, bumper over riders, lights, there are even doubles of certain items.

When we bought the car it was running and driving and the engine was really quiet and running sweet, we haven;t started it since the work was started but the engine still turns over freely so I see no reason why it wouldn't run fine when the car is put back together.

The brakes were good when we got it but will need attention now as it's been sitting, The tyres are all good and as you can see they are genuine white bands. I think just about everything is there to complete the car but you will need to make door cards and get a door and rear screen rubber kit. We have details of where you can get these parts so don't worry that they are not hard to find. most parts are easily available and cheap to buy.

Once completed the car will need to be registered which is a very easy process that currently costs £55 with the DVLA. We have all of the relevant import papers and duty paid paperwork and we are happy t help you with registering it if need be. The only reason we are not seeing this project through is there are too many other projects on the go and this one has taken a back seat but it deserves to see the light of day!

In short this is your chance to buy a rare and very different little car that has had all of the hard work done and will be an easy finish off for someone at home in the garage. This vehicle has never been seen over here so you can go out and wow everyone. We have well over 12k in this car and the paint job alone would cost you far more than we are asking DSCN1961.jpg DSCN1937.jpg DSCN1948.jpg DSCN1958.jpg DSCN1969.jpg so this really is a bargain for someone that is prepared to finish it off.

These little cars are fast becoming rare but please don't confuse this one with a rusty UK example. It has lived its life in a warm climate and apart from the little piece of rust that was in the foot well which was cut out and replaced with new metal this car had absolutely NO rust. It now has none at all, it is only a project in terms of re assembly not because it has hidden nasties. All of the work was professionally done by a restoration company.

The engine, gearbox, axle, etc are all in the car and haven't been removed so it should just be a case of connecting a few things up and it could be running and driving in very little time. The car has been completely undersealed underneath and wax oiled where required to cope with the English weather!

We are looking for a quick sale before we change our minds! We are not interested in messers, part exchanges, livestock or your girlfriends/wives/husbands or boyfriends in part exchange.....we just want your money. Make an offer but willing to take less than half of what we have in the car!

Any questions call 07887 875023 or send a message on here
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