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Yo Everybody

I got a bike in the NEC show next weekend, and usually I stay down there and kip in the van, but some family stuff has cropped up so I'm having to take bike down there Thursday and come back at the weekend. Which means I've got two exhibitors passes spare for Friday.

I'd like to just give them away, but to be honest, with another 8 gallons of bloody diesel having to go in the van now, I could do with getting 20 quid for the pair of them to help cover me extra costs (yeh, I know I'm a cheapskate... :roll:). Seeing as how it's summat like 23 quid each on the door, it's still a good deal, plus you can get in from 8am with them, rather than queue and wait till 10 o'clock, so I'm thinking I'm not being too harsh...? :S

If anyone wants them, post a reply on here and then I'll PM you details. I've only got the one pair, so first come first served.

Cheers, :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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