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Hey All,

Got the idea in my head to build another hot rod and possibly sell my '57 Ford f100 out here(American born and raised, but currently living in London) so figured I'd jump on to start getting a feel for what might be in the country in regards to steel, late body, Model A Ford coupes on a rolling chassis.

I currently own a '57 Ford f100 long bed. Built it myself in a few months and drove it around America on a year long road trip hitting 33 states and racking up over 12k miles. Shes a good truck and I don't want/need to part with her but I might be swayed if anyone is interested in a quality rust free runner.

Personally I've been involved with hot rods and building them since I was a kid but my current profession of 6 years and counting is Pinstriper, Sign Painter, and Gilder. So if any of you out there are looking to get some work done don't hesitate to get in touch! Von Leadfoot Pinstriping & Sign Painting is where you can see some of my work if you're unfamiliar.

Looking forward to seeing what rod's and sod's community can help me out with! Got the engine for the coupe back home ready to ship over, just need the rest now haha!
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