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Hi All,

Just to let you know that i've opened up a new temporary section for this week.

The NSRA Northern Swap Meet is on this weekend and we're starting to see the "Taking to Swap Meet" threads building up in the classifieds area already. A few things were discussed after the flood of threads that came with the Southern Swap Meet earlier in the year and we decided to open up a dedicated section for pre-sales.

This section is for sales ONLY. No wanted ads!
Each sales ad must include a price for each item that is specifically described. I.e. if you say you have a tacho, steering wheel, radiator, etc. etc. then we want to see a price listed for each item.
If you're breaking a car then please list major items and prices if available.
All correspondance must be via the forum posts.
Unless there is a valid reason, sales should be allocated based on reply order within the thread.
No requests to PM for info, PM'ing individual prices, insisting on contact via phone or email. If you want to use RnS to place your ad then have the decency to respond to it on here as well.
These ads must be for items that you are either planning on taking to the swap meet or willing to take to the swap meet and prepared to commit to a sale beforehand.
All ads will be listed in initial posting time order. This means that bumping will have no effect on the placement of your ad.

Any breach of the above rules and the ad will be removed without comment. Play nicely and enjoy the exposure :tup:

This section is for sales ONLY. No wanted ads!
Please only post that you will definitely take an item if you are prepared to commit to that.
Asking a question about an item does not "Hold" it for you unless stated by the seller.
If you commit to buy then you must stick to it. If you back out then you will likely be blocked from using the pre-sale forum again.

** NOTE **
I have tried my hardest to make the new section as visible as possible. Any swap meet ads placed in the general classifieds will be locked and left to drop off the pages.

The new section is at the top of the Classifieds grouping or --> HERE <--
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