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Hi, I'm Shaggy new to this forum and I'm about halfway through customising my campervan. No it's not a VW, it's a 79 Chevy G30 1 ton van with a cobra camper conversion. The project is to bring it from a campervan to more of a 70s style custom van. I have removed the ashmatic californian emmisions choked engine and put in a rebuilt 73 camaro engine. I did some work on the tranny and gave it a new exhaust system (sidepipes naturally) and also removed all the cali emmisions and A/C. I've also replaced the front wings and done a lot of rust treatment when I had the engine out. Other stuff done includes new steering wheel, hood scoop, moon pedals, tube grille, reupholstered seats, new western cyclone RV wheels, tubular running boards, antisway bars and air bags and a custom "doghouse" engine cover with windows to see the engine as you drive!!
At the moment I'm putting in a new handmade shagpile carpet, then it's onto the bodywork wheelarch flares moon windows chin spoiler etc.

This was her before I began.

some of the mods....

This is the planned paint scheme

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