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Just thought I'd share this with you.
As Im sure you all know by now........
There is a monthly Sunday breakfast show / meeting / club or whatever at " The Secret Cafe " at Shooters Hill in Plumstead, S.E.London.
Right on my doorstep although I'm ashamed to say I have never actually made the effort to turn up.
" Boo hiss lazy man ":shake:
Right next door to the Secret Cafe ( which is actually by a consealed car park in the woods ) is two more hidden sights.
A two minuate walk to the right brings you to some ruins in some gardens.
Then keep walking for five more minuates & you will find a hidden Folley called Sevendroog Castle.
A London film made a few years ago about a Contract Killer called " Mr Inbetween " used this castle for the Torture scenes in the film.
This will probibly only be of interest to the local boys who attend the meet, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
This is the only clip of the film I could find on YouTube.
If you find a warned..........the ending is really really really horrible.

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