FOR SALE ‘All steel original Henry Ford 'rare' Model B cabriolet’
After 10 plus fantastic years I have decided to sell this balls out bare bones race car on to a new custodian.

Built from a stripped down old ’32 ford race car broken up in the states 20 years ago, and managing to trace the original missing door still with its crab claw flames to complete the re-assembly. This VHRA approved 40’s style hot rod has raced in the UK since the 1st Pendine, drag raced at the Vintage Nationals, appeared on the dirt track at the Hayride, GOW hillclimb, and raced at many events all over the UK.

Been driven to all events, raced and back home again, well unless you break it.. it's reliable and handles as well as any period built hot rod.

Motor -
284 Cubic Inch French Flathead, built by Jim Turnbull at Royal Kustoms in preparation for a supercharger.
4” Crank
Schneider - Potvin super 3/8 cam, sounds awesome.
Full custom Blue print, Port,Polish, Gasket match and 3 Angle Valve grind
Ross Racing 3 Ring Pistons with Moly rings Scat H-Beam Rods with 2” Journals
Balance complete rotating assembly including lighted flywheel and clutch
37 -48 Water pumps with modern seals
Full flow oil filter conversion.
PCV Valve conversion.
Motor City Aluminum heads
Thickstun PM7 intake.
2 x new 97 Strombergs
Thickstun air cleaner.
Hi Torque Starter
Stromberg E-fire Distributor
Powermaster PowerGEN Alternator

Trans -
Jeep T 5 Transmission - rebuilt - with adaptor to retain original torque tube, also have torque tube and radius rods to fit '39 box if you want to change it back to 3 speed.

Chassis -
Original ’32 ford rails with 30-31 A front cross member & Model A rear cross member. Boxed front section up to K member and rear chassis brace kit to take out the flex.
Stock front axle on Model ‘A’ reverse eye spring with Square back spindles, 2“ Lincoln style bendix brakes with upgraded shoes(252 double baked for race / rally)
32’ un split front wishbone with 7 degree caster for more stability at high speeds.
40’s ford rear banjo on ‘A’ spring, I also still have the Winters quick change rear end I used to run with several sets of gears. 2“ Lincoln style bendix brakes with upgraded shoes(252 double baked for race / rally)
F100 steering box - reconditioned
So cal steering stabiliser
1955 ford crown victoria skyliner steering wheel
Walker radiator and period heater.
Rear - lever arm shocks Front - P&J shocks

Body - rare original Henry Ford 1932 Model B cabriolet with chopped screen posts lead filled cowl vent, 'can be unleaded’ to make operational again.
Opening front windshield, great for staying cool, cabriolets were normal fixed.

New floors and sub rails, deck lid is brookville.
Custom made chopped rag top.

There is over £43k of parts in this car and thats at 10 - 20 years ago prices. I have a detailed list of all parts inc prices, most parts are original ford.

oiro £50k

Serious genuine interest please contact Nick