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SOLD Thanks all :tup:

Just testing the water here but I'm looking to sell my trusty Ford P100 pick-up in the near future as I'm regularly doing 400 mile motorway trips with work and I fancy something a little more suitable for commuting in comfort !

Its a J reg ('91) Sierra shape in white , just under 140k on the clock , MOT til August tax til June, 2lt 205 block Pinto with 5 speed manual . There's a Weber carb from a Transit fitted as the original VV was toss , and according to the previous owner it had a top end rebuild arond 10,000 miles ago . Runs great , no oil leaks or milky deposits , does give a quick puff on start up hot or cold so maybe a leaky valve seal ? Gearbox and clutch fine . Think it needs a thermostat as it runs far too cold on a long winter's motorway trek , I may even get round to fitting the new one if I get time ! All the electrics work as they should (Original radio fitted) .

Body wise its all solid where it matters , there's no structural rust that I can find anywhere , even on the notorious stut-top/bulkhead area . There is some surface rust on the pickup buck but nothing too serious , it is nearly 20 years old after all ! There's plenty of knocks and dings around it too , its a pick-up truck so has worked most of its life , but it polishes up ok . Tailgate is a bit battered but works fine . There's also a handy Truckman hardtop fitted which can be removed/refitted in about 5 mins if needs be . There's a crack in the windscreen that is artfully hidden by a wrongly placed sun-strip , passed the MOT fine .

Rolling stock is standard steels with truck rated 8ply radials , the bloody things have refused to wear even a little bit in the 7000 miles I've driven it . It does need the rear shoes replacing (Supplied) and the lower rear shock mount bushes are , er bushed , not a difficult job though which I was going to do at the same time as the shoes . Again , may have time to get this done .

Interior is all there but scruffy , no tears to the seats though . All guages work except the fuel , not a problem if you reset the trip and the reserve light still works to warn you ! There's a towbar fitted with working electrics and she pulls a loaded car trailer just fine .

Probably made the poor thing sound worse than it is , at the end of the day its a scruffy old pick-up truck with years left in it yet . Its boringly reliable , runs along at 70ish with no bother and returns around 30mpg . I'd honestly jump in this now and drive it to Moscow if I had to (Stranger things have happened !) , its a faithful old beast . Of course it'd also make a great base for a re-body rod ;)

The price ? Well if I was Ebaying it I'd probably start it at £650.00 no reserve and see where it went , but Ebay is a pain in the arse and I thought I'd offer it to you lot first . Bargain I reckon , but then I would wouldn't I :D

However , I am on the look-out for a replacement car so if you have something to P/X or swap then try me . I'm open to any suggestions but it needs to be reliable , comfy at 80-90mph for a few hours at a time , plenty of space for all the crap I lug about , not too bothered about fuel consumption as I'm not driving it everyday and comfort/speed are more important to me . Currently on the wish list are Granada's , Omega's , 5 Series Estates , maybe an XJ6/40 (I like my rwd I do) or even a Cheeroke/Disco etc . Like I say , try me . Not really looking to spend more than £1200 ish including the value of mine .

I'll get some pic's up in the next couple of days once I've given it a wash and emptied the ashtray but don't get too excited , its just a white pick-up truck :smoke:

Reply on here , PM me , or call on 07789 378263 .

Ta muchly , Ratty ;)
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