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sorry guys, i know this is without doubt the most boring car to ever be put on here but it might do someone a turn.... :oops:

so.....anyone fancy a little project ??

me lads old polo needs to go, its a 1.0l with a four speed box thats done approx 70k and has been sat in the same spot for about a year now and he aint touched it so it might as well go to someone who will :)

obv no mot or tax and it does have a running problem,
the guy he got it off thought it needed a headgasket as theres a fair bit of mayo pretending to be oil in it and it was running a bit rough,
iv done a block test on it and that was all clear and if you wiggle the wiring going to the throttle body/ housing it clears up and runs smooth,
so I'm guessing that the combination of the guys missus doing 1 mile a day in it caused the mucky oil and together with the dodgy connection (?)made him think headgasket ??

other than that and it few dents here and there its pretty good for one of these,

its in abingdon, nr oxford and will obv need towing/ trailering

anyones more than welcome to come and have a poke at it, he has the keys, v5, some old mot's (useless i know lol)

anyhow, its as is in the (shockingly bad) pics, filthy dirty, unloved and needing attention..
thanks guys
chris :tup:

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