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picking up a couple of things on another thread....

St George .. had nothing to do with England. He was Turkish, worked for the romans as a soldier, was put to death by his bosses, for refusing to give up his religion.
He is not just patron saint of England , but also Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, Barcelona and Moscow,and probably elsewhere as well.
The Flag of St George is nothing to do with St G., but came from the colours of the crusaders, and was bought by the English government from the Genoese as a way of protecting english ships passing through the med. sea during the 12C.

St Andrew .. had nothing to do with Scotland, he was a disciple of John the Baptist and was crucified for refusing to give up his religion. He asked that he be crucified on an X shaped cross as he was not fit to be on the same shape cross as Jesus,.. giving us the cross of St Andrew

St Patrick .. was English. From Somerset, he was taken by slavers to Ireland, where he learned the native tongue and went on to become a great spiritual leader

St David is the only Saint from these Isles to come from his native land.

End of the day it doesn't matter where you're from, respect your neighbours, be generous in what you say and do, and folks will respect and remember you.
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