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Block is a desirable low deck, thick walled bored and honed 302 (30 thou), with:
KB hyperitectic flat top pistons 30 thou to match block, with piston rings, gudgeon pins, retaining clips, forged eagle I beam rods, brand new crank, new shell bearings (big and mains), duplex timing chain, comp cams 264 degree duration cam, new water pump, original ford ally timing cover, new small type mallory electronic dizzy. Oil sump and other bits and pieces included.

The heads are patriot performance Aluminum heads, imported from the states at huge cost, sent to Huddart engineering to be built with triple valve springs, springs shimmed for consistent seat height, severe duty, 3 angle valves, spring retainers, colletts and pushrod guide plates all fitted.

Absolutely everything is brand new in boxes.

I also have a nearly new 600cfm holley in perfect working condition.

If you were thinking of building a SBF, this is the perfect opportunity to get everything you could wish for in one go.

Call me on 07854136000 or email [email protected]
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