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Hi All,

I had a great time at the HotRod Drags, as others have said on other threads it was a shame about the weather, but the atmosphere, friends and aquintances more than made up for it.

As has now become the norm for me i spent the bulk of my time with Sid "Brit Digger" and the rest of the Oddlot team who again made me feel most welcome.

A special thanks to Sids wife Sheena who fed a watered me all weekend along with just about everyone else who passed by, and also the the Oddlot barbeque on Saturday night which was great as usual.

As has also become the norm for me i took one or two pictures of the event, but before i start with the first batch i would just like to say :

For those of us that couldn't attend KC's funeral the two minutes silence gave us the opportunity to collect our thoughts, reflect on his short life and say our goodbye's. I found those two minutes very moving and something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.



1 - 20 of 187 Posts
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