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Pop gasser project
bare steel body needing usual patch panels(available from pop browns etc) no front sheet panels as was going to be a gasser so was getting a fiberglass flip front, no roof panel, no boot lid, no floor, no wings front or rear, does come with a mint pair of doors that have had the inner panels cut out and lightening holes driled and door latch moved to edge of door by 'B' pillar and hinges. no V5.

custom chassis with original outer rails , a well braced and constructed chassis to fit the above body. no front crossmember so you can run whatever engine/ front axel setup you want, tube rear crossmember, again run what you like in it.

rear axel,
10 bolt chevy, i believe its from a van, complete drum to drum, ready for narrowing.

Bought all the parts to build a 60's gasser race car, brought them home and not touched them, sadly will not have the time to finnish this race car.
will not split, will only sell as job lot. will try and take pictures at the weekend.
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