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unsure yet but thinking of selling my 1977 mustang ghia 302 auto and my 1993 mr2 turbo and was just seeing if there would be any interest?

The mustang is in a bit of a tatty state and in need of some TLC also due for an M.O.T which i will put it through, just curious really to see if there is any interest as said above and any offers? pictures can be sorted,
Also the mr2 2ltr turbo is a k reg 1993 just hitting about 80000 on the clock again needs some work, this doesnt have an M.O.T but as far as i know it just needs a new exhaust, 2 tyres, brake pads, and possible battery, the motor's always been mint

Reason im unsure is currently having work done on my vw t25 and running out of funds also paying for a 2010 ford pick up!

any queries just drop me a message, any offers welcome!
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